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DF 04

Various Artists :: "Delta Masters"

After letting the blues linger on life support as a museum piece by humorless musicological geeks or mutated into a beer commercial soundtrack by whiter-than-Pat Boone guitar zeroes, it's time for weirdos to reclaim a genre of music that should be full of piss and vinegar, sex and violence.

To that aim, Dogfingers has convinced 16 strange and diverse artists to reinterpret (or in some cases deconstruct) Delta blues classics by artists ranging from Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson to Bukka White and Blind Joe Reynolds. The results, we're happy to say, are fun, strange and dangerous. With a lineup including Dogfingers stalwarts Pseudo Buddha and Boxcar Satan along with troublemakers Immortal Lee County Killers, The Heroine Shieks, Porch Ghouls, The Crack Pipes, White Hassle, Double Clutch, Viva Maxitone, Rev. Vince Anderson, Memphis Playboys, Crab Lady, Loraxx, The Starkweathers, Los Mescaleros and Rube Waddell, you know the results will be anything but conventional.

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Boxcar Satan - Sic 'em Dogs On
Heroine Sheiks - Good Morning Little School Girl
Los Mescaleros - Forty-Four
Pseudo Budda - Goin' Down to Eli's